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No matter whether you are a General Manager wanting to learn some good icebreaker sentences, an engineer that wants to learn industry-specific vocabulary or a marketing specialist that wants to give the perfect promotions pitch, Mandarin Spring will design a tailor-made study plan just for you.

As the preferred Chinese training partner to over 100 international corporations nationwide, Mandarin Spring is unique in having a dedicated VIP department that works directly with your team and able to organise Orientation Briefings and Cultural Workshops, implement company-specific training directives and of course design Language Training Programs for both your company and each individual employee.

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Corporate Clients

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Learning to study Mandarin Chinese opens will open new opportunities in China and around Chinese culture inclduing business, politics, tourism, economy and history. More than that, to study Chinese means to study a culture and its people. Whether your goals in China are business and career oriented, or simply to immerse yourself completelyt, learning the language is half the battle; knowing the culture behind the language is the other.

Here at MandarinSpring, we believe in a balanced approach that offers you both the best in language and cultural immersion. This creates a community of knowledge and understanding that is crucial for effective communication. Our tailor-made courses are based on your goals, and our curriculum is constantly evolving around your progress.


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