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Q:Can you tell me something about the levels and tests of Chinese courses?

A:Our courses are designed based on Common European Framework, and please check WHAT’S THE PROGRAM for more details. As you have already learned, HSK (Chinese Standard Exam) by the Office of Chinese Language Council International also has 6 levels. The levels are decided based on Common European Framework, so that it would be easier for you to refer to.

Q:How long do I need to study before I reach a certain level?

A:Different learning objectives, learning experience, and lesson models require different time of study. Please leave us your contact information, and our study counselor will contact you and give you professional advice. Generally speaking, it takes 90-120 class hours for a student starting from zero to be able to handle basic daily conversations.

Q:What is the class form?

A:Our class forms have advantage over other schools’, which is designed based on advanced teaching methods by Instituto Cervantes to help students combine learning and practicing. Our Regular Course consists of a variety of class forms including Spoken Mandarin, Reading and Writing, Listening, Activities, Ultra-small group class, Self Study, Chinese Corner, Cultural Activities/ Short Trips. It provides students with more opportunities to practice their spoken Chinese, so as to put what they learn in class into practice.

Q:Do you offer 1 on 1 private lessons?

A:We do offer 1 on 1 lessons. The process would mainly involve the teacher leading the student study, interact, and practice, which is quite different from the Regular Course forms.

Q:Can you talk a little bit about the HSK?

A:The HSK is official Chinese test by Office of Chinese Language Council International, and consists of six levels. To see the description of a specific level and what each level requires, please refer to the form of New HSK Levels and Their Relationship with CEF.

Q:I’m a beginner, and my English is terrible. What should I do?

A:We adopt immersion teaching method, which does not rely on a second language to teach Chinese except for the very basic lessons. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if your mother tongue is now English. As to basic lessons, we would focus more on multi-media teaching methods, thus avoiding obstacles caused by using English as the only medium. Besides, in early stages of study, we would provide class plans in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Italian, so that it would be more convenient for the students. At the same time, we are also adding more
teaching materials of other languages.


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