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Q:How to assess my current Chinese level?

A:We provide standard Chinese level tests, which can assess your Chinese in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. If you are not in China, please leave us your contact information. Our counselor will contact you for an online test. If you come to our school, you can take the test in person.

Q:To be specific, when can I actually start?

A:To enable our students to start as soon as possible, we have new classes every month. For detailed schedules, please see WHAT’S THE PROGRAMES.

Q:What makes the school different from colleges?

A:College classes are more for the general student body, and usually don’t take into consideration the individual differences, including differences in learning progress, learning methods (visual, acoustic and sensational), or differences in students’ personalities and characteristics. As a result, it might affect the study results. As we can see, usually some students still cannot reach the basic line while some have already excelled well beyond. What we do is to focus more on each student’s individuality, and teach the lessons accordingly.

Q:What makes the school different from other Chinese teaching schools?

A:There are 3 major differences. First, we adopt the most efficient teaching method, so that the students can reach the highest goal within a limited time period and at a lower opportunity cost. Second, traditional teaching organizations only provide simply lectures, but we have topic classes, oral Chinese classes, multi-media practicing classes, and HSK classes. Third, we are concerned with more than students’ learning situation, but their life, business or career development as well, so that we can try our best to make Chinese learning an efficient tool to help them achieve their personal goals, happiness, and business success.

Q:How should I pay for my fees and what should I pay special attention to?

A:You can transfer online, pay through Paypal, pay in cash, or through POS. Please keep the receipt. If you pay online, please save the screen shot. As to exchange rates and confirmation of transfer, please contact your study counselor.

Q:What exchange rate is used for the calculation of the fees?

A:Based on the exchange market, we would update the “buying rates of foreign currencies”-- the exchange rates between RMB and other currencies every week. If there is a dramatic change, we would adjust and announce our “buying rates of foreign currencies.” If the exchange rate jumps or drops for more than 3% within 3 days of the payment, we would calculate and refund the student’s loss due to the exchange rates.

Q:Will I get refund if I end my course before it is completed? How do I calculate it?

A:If a student can’t complete his or her course due to unexpected issues, such as the expiration of the visa, emergency at home, serious illness, etc, he or she can apply for ending the course. We would check the situation within one business day and return the fees after deducting certain amount. If a student does not agree with the teacher, learning progress, or the service, we would try our best to solve the situation and meet the student’s needs. If the student is still dissatisfied and wants to end the contract, we would check the situation within one business day and return the fees after deducting certain amount.

Q:Do you offer scholarships?

A:Our school use part of the fees from students to establish a mini scholarship fund, in order to award students who have achieved excellent performances. We would consider a student’s performances based on students’ results in course tests and HSK, teachers’ assessment, classmates’ recommendations after the end of the course. The top 10% students (who also don’t have records of absence, being late or leaving early) can be awarded with the scholarship. (Scholarship related to Germany, Sweden, and other countries will be added soon).

Q:How do I register for Chinese training programs?

A:Please refer to WHAT’S THE PROGRAMES, and find the programs that fit you the best, and write down the course numbers. On the registration page, please write down our personal information and course numbers. After receiving your information, we would arrange a course counselor to contact you, confirm of relevant information, sign the contract, complete the payment, etc.

Q:What if I still have some issues to be solved?

A:Please leave your contact information on the registration page and write down your specific requirement. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Q:Do I get any certificate after study?

A:After the courses, you will attend a test organized by the school, and students who pass the test will get a certificate of their according level. However, even if you don’t pass the test, as long as your attendance rate is 95% or above, you can still get a certificate of completion. If you attend and pass the HSK test, you can get a certificate from Hanban (Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language).


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