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汉语水平考试 HSK

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China's Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is the standardized national test used to determine the fluency of non-native speakers in Chinese and is used by all Chinese universities to assess the enrolment of foreign students and by a number of Chinese companies looking for foreign workers.



2017 HSK Test


2017 HSK Test Dates

Deadline for Registration

Date of Results Announced





14th Jan. 18th Dec. 2016 4th Jan. 2017 21st Feb. 6th Fab.
12th Feb. 16th Jan. 2nd Feb. 12th Mar. 27th Fab.
25th Feb.   15th Feb.   13th Mar.
19th Mar. 20th Feb. 9th Mar. 19th Apr. 3rd Apr.
22th Apr. 26th Mar. 12th Apr. 22nd May. 8th May.
7th May.   27th Apr.   22nd May.
20th May. 23rd Apr. 10th May. 20th Jun. 5th Jun.
11th Jun. 15th May. 1st Jun. 11th Jul. 26th Jun.
24th Jun.   14th Jun.   10th Jul.
15th Jul. 18th Jun. 5th Jul. 15th Aug. 31st Jul.
29th Jul.   19th Jul.   14th Aug.
12th Aug. 16th Jul. 2nd Aug. 12th Sep. 28th Aug.
27th Aug.   17th Aug.   11th Sep
17th Sep. 21st Aug. 7th Sep. 17th Oct. 2nd Oct.
15th Oct. 18th Sep. 5th Oct. 15th Nov. 30th Oct.
28th Oct.   18th Oct.   13th Nov.
11th Nov. 15th Oct 1st Nov. 11th Dec. 27th Nov.
26th Nov.   16th Nov.   11th Dec.
3rd Dec. 6th Nov. 23rd Nov . 3rd Jan. 2018 18th Dec.



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