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Kids and teens from all over the world come to Mandarin Spring for a Chinese learning adventure! Are you ready?

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When it comes to learning a foreign language everybody knows the younger one starts the better. Provide your children with the tools for a better future by learning Chinese with Mandarin Spring!

Children learn language differently from adults. Our self-developed curriculum for juniors has been designed from the ground up to grow based on our real experience in teaching Chinese to foreign children, giving them the tools in a full immersion environment to begin talking with and understanding Chinese adults and children straight away!

From China¡¯s first and best Junior Summer Camps to our tailor-made Study Tours and After School Junior Course, you can be assured there is a course best suited to your child¡¯s needs. Delivered by some of the industry¡¯s best teachers, all courses are quality assured and guaranteed to give you results fast. The world is coming to China, are you ready?

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Learning to study Mandarin Chinese opens will open new opportunities in China and around Chinese culture inclduing business, politics, tourism, economy and history. More than that, to study Chinese means to study a culture and its people. Whether your goals in China are business and career oriented, or simply to immerse yourself completelyt, learning the language is half the battle; knowing the culture behind the language is the other.

Here at MandarinSpring, we believe in a balanced approach that offers you both the best in language and cultural immersion. This creates a community of knowledge and understanding that is crucial for effective communication. Our tailor-made courses are based on your goals, and our curriculum is constantly evolving around your progress.


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